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What's In It For You?

Fitness in Action:   The name of my business reflects the importance of taking action
Motivation + Accountability = ACTION

Catalyst:  As a Personal Trainer I see myself as a catalyst.  I provide you with an individualized fitness plan as I motivate you and hold you accountable as you take ACTION.

Enjoyable:   Are we having fun yet?   Rapport, connection, and fun are essential ingredients to keeping fitness enjoyable.   I want you to look forward to your next session whether it’s 1, 2, or 3Xs per week. 

U 2 Can B Fit:  Check out my services and contact me by phone or email.  I look forward to talking with you. 

Services: Services
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Personal Training

A Healthier You

This is an awesome way to see your fitness goals materialize.  I focus personalized sessions on your unique individual strengths, challenges, style and goals.  You will become competent, able, and strong.  With focused attention and friendly encouragement you will see results you never thought possible.

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Lifestyle:  Becoming healthy and fit is a lifestyle commitment.  While it is critical to set goals along the way, ultimately the work is about making lifestyle changes.  My objective is to support you as you incorporate exercise and healthy eating into your life. 

Portrait of young obese woman working out on yoga mat in sunlit fitness studio_ performing knee push

Work in Progress

Feel Good, Look Good

Each of us is a Work in Progress.  There are no failures.  There are only challenges.  We all need help sometimes figuring out what the challenges are and finding ways to overcome the obstacles.   Sometimes we take a straight shot in meeting our goals and other times we experience set-backs.  That’s the process.  As long as we stay committed to the goal and find ways to take action, we are a work in progress.

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